tesis sobre el paisaje .   2013

casa .  indiviudal exhbition . 2009 

For one night, I turned my apartment into an exhibition venue for a series of pieces that i made using small gauge film. I installed the pieces on my bedroom, living room and closet. The space itself became a piece.  

Drawings installed on a road trip through the Panamerican Highway, Also featuring works by artists Rolando Castellón, Raúl Quintanilla and Ernesto Salmerón. 

drawings .  2011-2014 

Charcoal, oil, ink and colored pencils on paper. Dimentions: 30 x 40 cm.  

View of Installation and stills fro videos. Mention of Honor at the Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American Isthmus, San Salvador, 2006. Jury members: Paulo Herkenhoff, Santiago Olmo, Alama Lockward. 

duelo, paseo . videoinstallation . 2006