‚Äčespejo . masaya . 2013  

I have a problemaic relationship with my body. I frequently feel too fat and day dream of looking like somebody else. I've also developed a problematic relationship with mirrors and often try to avoid their reflection. This action was performed at a beauty shop at the municipal market of Masaya city. 

I have a hard time separating both concepts: image and self. I feel like I'm a big file of images. This video documentation was shot at the electronics alley of Managua's Mercado Oriental. I edited a video with clips from my years as a news anchor and journalist. I gave copies to 25 vendors who agreed to play it on their stands throughout the morning. 


registro . mercado oriental .  2012 

album . 16 mm, B&N . 2008 . no sound 

My art partice started as a self referential process and so my family photo album was a frequent object of research. Soon I realized that the most important memories, the problematic ones, were not in the album. In 2008 I made automatic drawing sessions with charcoal in an attempt to create images for those  memories. I documented this process in an animation stand on 16 mm high-con film. 

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